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Talking Alarm Clock Harmony v4

0.99 usd

Talking Alarm Clock "Harmony" for Android4 enhanced with Calendar, Weather Forecasts and NoiseDetectionCommand (eg. you can snap your finger to unlock and turn-on the display)!This stylish Alarm Clock lets you to change the way you wake up:
• Sounds of Nature for free stress awakenings. A choice of high-quality and beautiful nature sounds lets you a sweet awaken. You can also listen the weather conditions, forecasts and daily events on your Google Calendar (requires Internet connection).
• Weather information. show local weather conditions and forecasts.
• Google Calendar to know the list of day's events and appointments. Never forget Birthdays and Anniversaries again.
• Noise Detection for automatic actions. eg. snap your fingers to listen the hour at night without opening your eyes :)
• Gradual increase of volume for wake up gently.
• You can mix sounds of nature and music.
• You can also use your favorite mp3.
Very easy alarm configurations.
Optimized for Smartphone and Tablet.